Any Chateau Golf & Country Club member, regardless of membership category, in current good standing, is eligible to join the Wine Club. It is the purpose of this club to offer informative tastings, social gatherings, and sales for select varietal and blend wines from sources that can provide the best price points.

The advantages of this club are as follow:

  1. Special Discount rates for wines on our list. Your order will be processed and payment info will be sent to you by email.
  2. Discounts on Chateau’s Premier Wine Events throughout the year.
  3. Private Tastings along with complimenting foods.
  4. Access to storage for Bottles of Wine at the Club (to come). ***
  5. Exclusive opportunities to sample and purchase wines not sold in stores and savings on wines of extraordinary character and structure
  6. First class wine service, including aerating & decanting, table-side for dinner service.
  7. Discount corkage fee when dining with us. Corkage fees may be paid on each visit, or you may pay a yearly corkage fee which carries with it tremendous savings.
  8. Wine tasting clubs are educational but are mostly a way to enjoy friends and have loads of fun.
  9. There are no obligations to receive periodic shipments of wine.
  10. You and you only as a wine club member will receive an updated list of wines that our sources carry at our club prices and discounts.
  11. Provide valuable input regarding Chateau’s Wine Club selections for tastings and purchase. We ask that you provide Chateau with your preference and ratings of wines, which would be a valuable tool for others as a community.
  12. 10% discount on the Dining Room’s Wine Menu.
  13. Opportunities to meet wine connoisseurs and attend informative gatherings.
  14. Perfect way to meet other members who share similar interests.
  15. Opportunity to participate in Chateau’s wine menu selections for the country club.

For information on joining the wine club, please see our Chateau’s “Code of the Cork.”. Membership is limited, so please please sign up today if you are interested!


Michelle Yenni, David Fricken, and Greg Butler

Phone: (504) 467-1351